• Egyptian Nights

    THE EGYPTIAN NIGHTS. CHAPTER I. CHARSKY was one of the native-born inhabitants of St. Petersburg. He was not yet thirty years of age; he was not married; the service did not oppress him too heavily. His late uncle, having been a vice-governor in the good old times, had left him Read more [...]

  • Left Bank

    The Left Bank or Rive Gauche is the left or southern bank of the Seine in Paris, France. Otherwise, Left Bank may refer to: Places[edit]. Left Bank of the Rhine, the western bank of the Rhine, formerly part of the Holy Roman Empire; Left Bank (Biscay), the left bank of Read more [...]

  • Mirai

    Aside from the city’s international hotels, sophisticated Cairo restaurants are often hard to come by. Two possible exceptions are handily located beside each other in Zamalek; sister venues, Sequoia and Left Bank. The removal of Mori Sushi from Sequoia, some months ago, signalled the owners’ intent to …

  • Oak Grill

    Oak Grill “We had a beautiful brunch here and the staff were so polite and helpful to us! Our waiters were very nice! The ambiance and cleanliness were amazing also. We loved it so much we decided to forgo other dinner plans and eat…

  • Bella

    A little Italy in the heart of Cairo, Bella Italian restaurant at Four Seasons lets you experience the flavours of Tuscany in an inviting, authentic setting.

  • Sequoia

    Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Turkey, Greece, and Italy. Sequoia solely relies on the word of mouth of its loyal customers as well as the numerous regional and international publications who have recognized Sequoia as one of the top reasons to visit Cairo as quoted by the leading international travel and hospitality Read more [...]

  • JW Steakhouse

    From the comfortable overstuffed armchairs to the lengthy mahogany bar, the award-winning JW’s Steakhouse exudes masculinity with an emphasis on inventive entrées and steaks that cut like butter. Creatively paired with smart, flavourful appetisers and rich desserts, JW’s main courses feature the finest cuts with exquisite …

  • Taboula Restaurant

    Over the years, there have been few restaurants in Cairo that have enjoyed the same kind of popularity as Taboula. Despite the emergence of pseudo-bistros such as Zeitouna and Tamara, the Lebanese restaurant’s flagship location in Garden City continues to attract tourists and expats for its consistently …

  • Ristorante Tuscany

    Ristorante Tuscany offers delicious Italian specialties. … Join us at the Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino as we offer the area’s best Italian Cuisine. … Come on in, and experience the best ambiance and first class dining at the Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino.